Food & Drink

Please Feed Her Majesty:


Her Majesty enjoys all foods, particularly local specialties. She is omnivorous and will try and eat anything, although sweets and breads should be kept to a minimum. 

Snacks at Court include vegetables and charcuterie. She enjoys anything smoked, both food and drink. Local beer, liquors, chocolates, and locally roasted unflavored coffee are always appreciated. 

Preferred beverages: In the morning Her Majesty enjoys unflavored coffee with half and half, or a 16 oz skim latte. She usually only has one or two coffees, and only in the morning. 

Before and during court: water, nonalcoholic wine, nonalcoholic beer and low sugar mocktails. 

After court: a nice old fashioned, a Belgain dubbel, or a glass of red wine. 

Her Majesty is a beer and local distillery enthusiast, and is always looking for local treats. Her favorites are Belgian ales, Trappist ales, Black German beers, smoked and barrel aged beers, porters, blondes, reds, marzens, and pumpkin ales. She also likes red wine, whiskey, bourbon, gin, scotch. She enjoys teas, mostly Earl Grey, pureh, oolong, herbal, and green/golden teas. If being served black tea, she prefers a splash of cream. Prefers unflavored medium roast coffee with half and half, favorite varieties are Guatemalan and Tanzanian. 

Please do not feed Her Majesty:


Sweets and breads should be kept to a minimum


Please feed His Majesty:


His Majesty is an accomplished epicurean who has an endless curiosity. He enjoys discovering as much complex medieval research food as worldly local truckstop specialties. Although he likes everything, really everything, he prefers salty and spicy (or super hot) to sweet treats. He is always fasting till lunch time (or after fighting).

Preferred beverages:  

Before court: Light beer like Grisette, Farmhouse, Saison (under 4%) or water.  

At court: Water and any mixed drink (favorite: Old fashioned).  

Right after court: a pints of really cold Pilsner or Kolsh please! 

After that, has a beer enthusiast, His Majesty is always looking for any good local craft beer. Any style and flavour are welcome, but his favorite are stouts with a rich and heavy texture. 

NOTE: His Majesty cannot drink caffeine. No caffeinated beverages please.

Please do not feed His Majesty:


No caffeinated beverages please