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Corotica Merkka Senebelenae

 (She/Her/They/Them) (Car-ROW-teak-uh merch[like merchant] Sen-EH-bell-ahn-uh)  Corotica with dark curly shoulder-length hair wearing a woolen cloak with a large round ruby studded clasp and a beaded necklace 

Her Majesty is an antiquity personae, primarily portraying Pre-Roman Iron Age and Romano-British Persona from the Silures tribe in Wales. She also plays in the Bronze Age and Iron Age Continental Celtic, mostly from Hallstatt and Le Tene cultures. Her time period ranges from about 2000 BCE to 100 CE. 


More information about Her Majesty can be found on her Wiki



Corotica's device: Per chevron gules and sable, a wolf courant and a wheat stalk argent


Likes: Fighting, all time periods and regions of food, brewing and cooking, Bronze and Iron Age Jewelry, Equestrian, incense, beeswax candles, historical occult studies, all kinds and expressions of historical art

Foods: Her Majesty enjoys all foods, particularly local specialties. She is omnivorous. Snacks include vegetables and charcuterie. She enjoys anything smoked, both food and drink. Local brews, liquors chocolates, and locally roasted coffee are always appreciated. 

Preferred beverages: Non Alcoholic wine, beer and low sugar mocktails during work, gifts of booze ok: she enjoys red wine, Belgian ales, whiskey, gin, and scotch. Water, Earl Grey tea with half and half, pureh, oolong, herbal, and green/golden teas. Prefers unflavored medium roast coffee with half and half, favorite varieties are Guatemalan and Tanzanian. 

Dislikes: Sweets and breads should be kept to a minimum

Colours: Black, White, Grey, Reds, all Earth Tones, Copper, Dark Blue/Woad Blue. A search on Hallstatt and/or Iron Age will show appropriate plaids and striped fabrics.

Allergies: No

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