About the Sovereign


Mohammad Al-Manil Al-Wajdi Al-Abderrafi Ibn Horrah Ibn Gowan


1. Mohammad wearing gorget, Prince tabard and white belt.

His Highness is a Mamluk persona, who lives as a nomad with his group in the deserts between Turkey and Syria. Born in 1273 in Inverness Scotland, under the name of Morgan MacGowan, from a Highlander mom (Argyle MacGowan) and a French merchant (Jonas de Soulac), he lived his early youth as a farmer with his 2 brothers. 

His mother, a solider, was never at home and died when Mohammad was 5 years old. After his mother died, his father, who wasn’t able to take care of his sons, placed his sons under the guardianship of a friend in Constantinople, to educate them. Morgan, renamed Mohammad Al Abderrafi, studied philosophy and mathematics for a year before they were attacked by a Mamluk tribe. 

One of his brother’s died, the other one escaped and disappeared, and Mohammad was captured. Immediately, Mohammad was tested by the mamluks to see if he could be one of them and survived. He became a Mamluk slave at the age of 6 and entered the Furûsiyya (the western chivalry), where he found the asabiyya (“esprit de corps”)among his new family.

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Mohammad's device: Sable, a crescent pendant bendwise sinister gules

Likes: Heavy fighting, fencing, philosophy and arts, cooking, board games and all sorts of solid and liquid tasting.

Foods: His Highness is an accomplished epicurean who has an endless curiosity. He enjoys discovering as much complex medieval research food as worldly local truckstop specialties. Although he likes everything, really everything, he prefers salty and spicy (or super hot) to sweet treats. He is always fasting till lunch time (or after fighting).

Preferred beverages: Before court: Light beer like Grisette, Farmhouse, Saison (under 4%) or water. At court: Water and any mixed drink (favorite: Old fashioned). Right after court: a pints of really cold Pilsner or Kolsh please! After that, has a beer enthusiast, his Highness is always looking for any good local craft beer. Any style and flavour are welcome, but his favorite are stouts with a rich and heavy texture.

Dislikes: Nothing. NOTE: His Highness cannot drink caffeine. No caffeinated beverages please

Colours: Black, burnt orange, White, Gold, Royal blue.

Allergies: No